Antique Thai Solid Wood Cabinet With Drawers

판매 가격$5,500


This beautiful and eye-catching antique cabinet et with Drawers is a piece of art, crafted from the finest quality solid wood and hand finished in an exquisite distressed teak finish. The hand-crafted drawer fronts feature intricate carvings of traditional Asian designs, adding to its timeless appeal. With ample storage space for both small and large items, this charming piece of furniture will be a welcome addition to your home. Not only is it exquisitely crafted, but it's also sure to be a conversation starter for all who see it.

This beautiful antique Thailanders altar cabinet dates to the middle of the 19th century. The top frames the cabinet with a repeating 'key fret' design which is characteristic of Eastern Thai furniture where there was a stronger Chinese cultural influence. The style of the floral design also has clear Chinese influences - unsurprising as Chinese emperors sponsored Tibetan religion since the Yuan dynasty (1271–1368 AD). The flowers seen in each of the yellow panels are lotus flowers, an auspicious symbol of purity and enlightenment from mundane existence. 

These cabinets were often used in temples or as family altars & were used to store religious scrolls, silk ceremonial clothes, family jewelry and yak butter used in lamps. Often people would gift painted furniture to temples as offerings.


This style excellent of Thai cabinet is mostly seen in the late 18th and early 19th century when the cabinet first became more prominent in Thailand. Prior to this, chests were the most common form of furniture in Thailand. Cabinets like this were constructed from cedar or pine and painted using mineral pigments. They were often used as family altars & were used to store religious scrolls, silk ceremonial clothes, family jewelry, and yak butter used in lamps.

Original antique Thailand cabinets are now very rare and there are many reproduction pieces made in China coming onto the market.

This cabinet has four outward opening doors and is split into a top and bottom compartment separated by a shelf. 


Antique Thai Solid Wood Cabinet With DrawersAntique Thai Solid Wood Cabinet With DrawersAntique Thai Solid Wood Cabinet With Drawers

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