Brokis Muffin Lamps - Table Light - Floor Lamp - 3 Colors

Glass color: Transparent
Size: Diameter: 37cm/14" - Height: 36.5cm/14"
Base color: Wood
판매 가격$600


Bring a warm and inviting ambiance to your home with the Brokis Muffin Lamp! These unique and stylish lights come in three vibrant colors to create chic interior design. The table light is perfect for any dining room or study, illuminating the evenings with a soft and subtle glow. Equally suited for a living area or an entrance hall, the floor lamp casts its gentle hues over the whole room. Crafted from quality materials and with contemporary styling, these lamps bring a hint of retro flair to your home. Choose from the three colors and enjoy the modern look of the Brokis Muffin Lamp!

A very elegant collection by its design but above all by its noble materials, such as oak and mouth-blown glass by master glassmakers.
Resulting from a remarkable craftsmanship, the Muffin lamp combines an aerial globe in mouth-blown glass with a solid base in raw oak.
Muffin plays the card of contrasts by harmoniously combining colors and materials, transparency and opacity, lightness and robustness. The brown smoked glass globe forms a dematerialized and light volume which contrasts superbly with the raw and massive shapes of the wooden base. Inside this glass bubble, the light is magnified, protected and cared for.
It finds its place in a living room, a dining room or even a bedroom for a subdued atmosphere. 
The lighting is warm and vibrant thanks to the different tints and shades of the glass. Both original and sober, mischievous and elegant, Muffin reveals a simple and effective design.
The quality of the design reveals the excellence of the materials and know-how used.

The Muffin lamp is available on our site or on request in other colors and finishes. This lamp comes with an LED bulb. Dimmer is also included

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