Sky Blue Ostrich Feather Tree Lamp

Feathers color: Sky Blue
Size: Height : 175cm x Width : 120cm / H: 69" x W: 47"
Base color: Gold
판매 가격$1,500


This stunning Sky Blue Ostrich Feather Tree Lamp is sure to be the centerpiece of any space. A piece of Versailles in any room. Bringing glamour, luxury, dream! The lightweight freestanding base and intricate feather tree design give the piece an ethereal, yet sophisticated atmosphere and are sure to liven up any room. Perfect for adding a touch of drama to any bedroom, living room or office, the tall lamp emits a beautiful, warm glow that is sure to bring a little bit of good vibes into your home. Its chic, modern and versatile design offers a timeless style that will never go out of fashion. Create your own tranquil escape and enjoy the ravishing and captivating charm of this exquisite Feather Tree Lamp.

An illuminating palm tree lamp, resplendent with exquisite ostrich feather foliage, the feather floor lamp takes center stage in any luxury setting and delivers the ultimate touch to your luxurious exotic and luxurious home décor or wedding decoration.

The Ostrich Feather Floor Lamp is available in fifteen opulent hand dyed shades and four hand finished base finishes. 

Our feathers lamps has 20 more feathers than the one on the market at a very competitive price, for a fuller and more luxurious head. The base is solid and made in copper with larger and authentic legs and base

 Sky Blue Ostrich Feather Lamp

The feathers are hand dyed and exclusively authentic ostrich feather from South Africa

Our feathers are 100% cruelty free and naturally shed. No birds are ever injured, killed, pinched in any form or medium. We love our birds as much as you love your children.

The feathers sizes will depends on the lamp sizes, but we guarantee a selection of beautiful, full and large feathers for our customers


Place: Wedding decoration, Wedding Lamp, Living room floor lamp, Hallway Lamp,


Light Source E27 9W
Materials Cooper + Ostrich Feather from South Africa
Color Sky
Voltage Range 100-240V
Bulb included No
Delivery Time DHL : 3-7 days
3 years
Suitable Place Home, Hotel, Restaurant, Club, Bar, Shop



Our feathers lamps are made with high quality materials. The base is in copper covered with a golden foild. It will never change color. The base is large and elegant. The perfect element for a exotic, luxurious and elegant touch in your home decoration

Sky Blue Ostrich Feather Tree Lamp


Sky Blue Ostrich Feather Tree Lamp


 Larger base

Sky Blue Ostrich Feather Tree Lamp



The head of the lamp is adapted for a full design. Our lamps come with more than 50 feathers for a luxurious look. The customers will be able to take out some feathers if they want to.

The default plug is the U.S plug. We will change the plug accordingly to the customer's location. If you need modification, please contact us before the shipping

Sky Blue Ostrich Feather Tree Lamp



Floor lamps : Height 175 cm x Width : 100 cm (68"x39") , with around 45-50 cm long feathers

45-50 feathers

Sky Blue Ostrich Feather Tree Lamp


Floor lamps : Height 200 cm x Width : 150 cm (78"x59") , with around 70-75cm long feathers

55-60 feathers

Sky Blue Ostrich Feather Tree Lamp




Processing time: 1-4 days

Delivery Time : 7-10 days

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