False ceilings that will inspire you

If you are remodeling your house, and are very happy with the new curtains, furniture, and upgraded paint. Have you taken a look at your ceiling too? Or is it taken for granted, just like many other people? Yes, ceilings; just look at how beautifully they change the look of your house. Many of us don’t care about ceiling designs while styling or remodeling our homes. But ceilings play the most important part in making your house look luxurious, high-end, and enchanted.  

So, when you are giving some attention to your house, don’t ever think about a flat white ceiling because there is a lot better than that you can do to your ceiling. Here are a few ideas for you to design your ceilings the way that they will catch the eye of the viewer the moment someone gets a glimpse of it:

  • Hand-painted gilt:

False Ceilings That Will Inspire You

If you have designed your house in modern but classic and antique style, then this ceiling design will perfectly go with your house. Hand-paint silver-gilt ceiling with a Regency-style chandelier will give an awestruck to anyone who enters your living room.

  • Stripe design:

False Ceilings That Will Inspire You

Okay, well! If you want to keep it simple and not much into the latest, detailed, and modern ceiling designs then you can do it nicely and elegantly by simply matching it with your living room paint. A stripe design with matching paint will give a wholesome look to your living room.

  • Tray ceilings:

False Ceilings That Will Inspire You

Tray ceilings are already so in. They look glamorous and they can remodel your living room into a 5-star hotel lobby look. The addition of LED lights and the design of the tray ceiling would be perfect for your spacious living room.



  • Stenciled ceiling:

False Ceilings That Will Inspire You

If you want to illustrate your living larger than it actually is then pop it up with stenciled ceiling. Adding stenciled ceiling will make your living room look and feel spacious and glamorous.


  • Uniform beams:

False Ceilings That Will Inspire You

If you want to keep it simple but elegant then this is the best idea for you. Uniform beams added to ceiling of your living room will make it look more peaceful and classy.


  • Wooden ceiling:

False Ceilings That Will Inspire You

A wooden ceiling might look like a boring idea if you are not a cottage kind of person, but hey, stop. This is not how you have to design it. The wooden ceiling has come with various designs and looks that they will make your house look even more luxurious by adding up to the classiness of whole wooden furniture and aesthetic paint look.


  • Glass ceiling:

False Ceilings That Will Inspire You

If you are a nature lover, then you might want to add some glass to the ceiling of your living room. This will help brighten up your living room with sunlight in the daytime and will let you view some stars along with your partner while enjoying a movie on the sofa of your living room.




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