How to make your kitchen look exquisite?

Although the kitchen is not just a place for women, still, if you are a woman, you would know how important is this place in your house. Well, the kitchen is the favorite place for foodies too. But, the whole work and preps, that needed to be done before and after the food is cooked, who knows all the hustle right? The one who does this could only know the importance of kitchen maintenance, where to put all things and how your kitchen is looking, could only make you stand the whole cleaning and cooking tasks.

 Just like other corners in your household their importance, simultaneously, the kitchen should look exquisite, high-end, and stunning. And you will love roaming around the kitchen, either for cooking, baking, or simply eating. Rather it is the lighting, color scheme, accessories, settings, or crockery, everything holds importance. Well, then how can you make your kitchen look charming and luxurious? Let’s take a look at these cool ideas:

1.     Try costly colors

A new coat of paint can do wonders for the look and feel of your kitchen. Using neutrals like creams and beige in the kitchen can make it appear more upscale and well-appointed. If you have a modern kitchen, you can use dark colors like blacks and grays to make it appear luxurious and opulent. Wood and metallic accents work well with white because they reflect light and make the room appear larger. Even if you don't want to repaint the entire kitchen, changing the color of the cabinets is a dramatic improvement. You can either paint or use textured wallpaper to create a focal point on one wall of your kitchen.

2.     Invest in New Hardware

The hardware on your kitchen's drawers and cabinets can add visual interest to the overall look of the room. Pulls and knobs can be used interchangeably, but keep the finishes consistent to avoid a jarring appearance. You don't have to spend a fortune to give your cabinets a fresh new look by installing new hardware.

3.     Install some modern shelving and glass doors

If you want to take your kitchen from drab to fab and boring to fancy, don't let old, dreary wood cabinets hold you back. Replacement of old wooden doors with glass is an option. This can brighten the room, add contrast, improve the room's appearance, and even make it easier to locate the right kitchen tools.

When it comes to shelving, crisscross patterns for wine bottles can liven things up, as well.

1.     Install the lights.

In a kitchen, the ceiling and the lights are the first things we notice, almost every time. As a result, beautiful light fixtures over the islands, the breakfast nook, and the sink are essential. There is no time for utilitarian thinking right now! You'll need to establish a visual hierarchy of ceiling lights. As a way to keep your kitchen from looking like a Christmas tree, "one zone will be the star,' and the others will be supporting characters."

2.     Set up a Bar Counter

To store your booze and party supplies in the same place as you did in college is no longer an option. To give the kitchen a more upscale feel, a well-curated bar area is another option. "Pretty wine and liquor bottles, a crystal decanter, gorgeous stemware, and bar accessories" have an air of exclusivity about them.

Make a special drawer for cocktail napkins, paper straws, coasters, and other party supplies if you plan on entertaining frequently. Even the most spontaneous happy hours will be elevated with the addition of these holiday accents.

3.     Fascinating tiles

The look and feel of your kitchen are heavily influenced by the type of flooring you have installed. You can never go wrong with tiles in your kitchen. In addition, they're perfect for high-traffic areas like the kitchen.

4.     Updated cabinetry

The quality of the cabinetry is the most important – and most expensive – aspect of any kitchen. How do you select your own? In our opinion, the best approach is to stick with a classic, well-thought-out design that makes use of high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Even the most basic of designs can be dressed up or down to your heart's content.

5.     Add a little greenery

Give your room a lived-in, opulent look with some lush greenery. You can't go wrong with herbs on a windowsill, and they're both beautiful and functional. You can use a single large planter on a counter or island, or scatter small pots around the room and the windows.

Bottom line:

By following all these tips mentioned above, you can give your kitchen an outstanding and high-end feel. Don’t wait too far for the upgrades. Stay happy J

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