Ideas To Display Your Photos On Your Wall

Ideas to Display your Photos on Wall


The pell-mell is the deco accessory you need to beautify a wall while displaying elements that are important to you.
We propose you some ideas to make a photo collage yourself.

The ideal creation to group your inspirations or memories in one place.

The pell-mell photos: what is it?
The pell-mell is a mural painting grouping a set of elements to create a pretty wall decoration. We hang pictures, drawings, postcards, fabrics and other memories that we want to have in front of us at all times. You can also use a jumble as a Mood Board (or board of inspiration) and thus make a set of elements on a project or theme to awaken his creativity over the days . Do you start knitting and have many creative ideas in mind? Display them on your mix so you do not forget them and feed your imagination.

This combination makes it possible to create a pretty wall decoration which is easy to change to the sandstone of its tastes, hobbies, projects as well as seasons.

Pelle mixes photos: how to do it?
We propose to make a jumble pictures with your 10 fingers. For that, do not worry you are given all the tips. With simple materials such as a wooden panel, string, masking-tape, cork or even wire mesh it is possible to make a nice mixture of photos with nothing to envy to those that can be found in the decoration shops.

Discover all our ideas to make a jumble of photos.

It's your turn.

The Panel with magnetic glue


The grid


The macrame display

The frame collage 


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